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MyBoofola is a group of sites intended to make your business grow!

Coming Soon! MyBoofola

MyBoofola is a low-cost, high-quality solution to the big guys out there. Starts Out Free, but everything is an extra, or you could just pay for their $39 a Month plan to get the features that we include in our pricing.

Check out the free domain that we got when trying out.
Can you imagine that on a business card?

To add a custom domain (eg. Wix Starts at $14 a Month.

Boofola is still working on the overall pricing, but to add a domain to your MyBoofola site will Only be $12 a Year!

*This price of $12 does not include the actual domain, Boofola sells all domains at cost!

If you don’t want to be bothered with the extra cost of a domain, then your FREE MyBoofola Account would be Very clean, very easy!

More About MyBoofola

MyBoofola is making this promise to all of the small businesses out there, we will offer you the Best Possible Services at the Lowest Possible Prices!

As with all of the Boofola Family of Companies, we believe that the only way for us to succeed and grow is if we help your company succeed and grow.

What is soon to be?

You will have the choice of:

Each site will offer something slightly different, for example, will be offering the option of adding an online store.

Keep checking back to see what else we create!

Thank you for taking the time to read: MyBoofola Coming Soon!

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Please consider creating a paid account to help support these sites.

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